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Specialising in MC work, awards presentations, product launches and guest speaking, all with video material on request. Derek's most popular presentation is about South African journalism over the past three decades: "You Have the Right to Know it All."

Playing and presenting prizes at golf days has become a specialty.

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2017/2018 Referrals

Thank you for the superb job that you did for us at the Tusk Conservation Awards. We are so grateful and it was such a pleasure working with you. Somehow you managed to lead the audience, winners and speakers through the whole Awards ceremony perfectly, with both humour and humility!


I would like to thank you so very much for being our Top Class MC . Your professionalism and care that you give to your craft truly shows, especially when you are on stage. I can’t thank you enough for tackling this with such ease.


Thank you once again for so expertly guiding the discussion this morning. You somehow manage to bring such humour and clarity to truly complex subjects!

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  • Didn't know Loyisa Gola flew at the same altitude. He claims even higher!
  • Getting first violin lesson from talented young musician andrew gilbert. Not for sensitive ears!
  • Just wrapped interview with 15-yr-old Jasmine Thompson. So modest and charming!
  • Joey Rasdien getting some tips from Belinda and myself before Savanna CCA. Best event of the year!
  • If you haven't played Steyn City you are in for a huge surprise! Totally impressed
  • Early morning father and son headstands at Blythedale to relieve tension.
  • Mark & Nicole Pilgrim with Derek
  • Exploring part of rising star 25 years ago! Huge respect for all the cavers!


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